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Stargazing with Pelican

Get Starstruck

When the weather is clear and the moon is new it is time to look up and truly see the night sky. A stargazing trip takes a lot of planning, but fortunately, Pelican has all the perfect accessories to make your trip a success. So gather your gear and turn off the lights. Your eyes need to adjust to the dark!

A Light in the Dark

Ok, so maybe you should keep a flashlight on so you can see where you’re going. But don’t use any old flashlight! Pelican has a variety of flashlights and headlamps that use red LEDs to preserve your night vision.

Pelican’s Tactical Flashlights are made to be ready for any situation. The 2370 Tactical Flashlight and the 7600 Tactical Flashlightboth have an anodized aluminum body that can stand up to all kinds of abuse and the ability to use LEDs in multiple colors, including red, to illuminate your path. 

Pelican 2370 Tactical Flashlight


A Pelican Headlampwill also help you find your way, while also keeping your hands free to carry the rest of your gear. The 2720 and 2740 both have red LEDs that won’t interfere with your night vision. And when you’re ready to clean up, the bright white LEDs in a Pelican Headlamp mean that you won’t leave behind any equipment or garbage.

Pelican 2720 Headlamp

2720 Pelican Headlamp

Making a Case for Safety

You may have a large telescope with a lot of delicate gear or you may have a small telescope with a couple of accessories or even a pair of really great binoculars. Either way, Pelican has a case the exact size to keep your gear safe. A small case, like the 1170 Protector Case, is the perfect size to hold additional eyepieces and other small telescope accessories.

Pelican 1170 Protector Case


You can easily customize the Pick’N’Pluck foam inside the case into the perfect protection for your delicate gear. If you have a toolkit for your telescope, an R60 Ruck Case will keep it organized so you don’t have to search around to find the tools you need to make a quick fix in the moment.

R60 Pelican Ruck Case

Pelican even has a variety of long cases that can keep your telescope and tripod safe when not in use. The 1740 Protector Caseis both long and deep enough for all your equipment, and your gear will be perfectly padded thanks to the Pick’N’Pluck insert inside the case.

1740 Pelican Protector Long Case

1740 Pelican Protector Case with Foam

 Get It Together

Not all of the gear you’ll want to take on a stargazing adventure is delicate or easily stored inside a Pelican hard case. A Mobile Protect Backpack has room for snacks and a blanket. The organizational pockets inside will keep your star charts and astronomy books close at hand, as well as pens and a notebook to log or sketch what you’ve seen in the sky.

MPB20 Pelican Backpack

MPB20 OD Green Pelican Backpack


Warmth on a Cold Night

Keep the cold night away with a warm drink. An 18oz Pelican bottle will fit into the side pocket of your Mobile Protect Backpack and stay there when you secure it with the attachment loop. The locking, insulated lid of a Pelican tumbler is designed to keep your drink flowing into your mouth and not down your shirt. Pelican tumblers and bottles are made of vacuum-sealed stainless steel which will keep your drink hot for twelve hours. And let’s be honest, you’re going to need that coffee to stay hot so that you can power through the long night and see everything the sky has to offer.

18oz Pelican Bottle

18oz Pelican Bottle



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