Pelican 5 Series Flashlights

The 5 Series flashlights feature flood to spot technology: The flood position projects a wide beam to illuminate your work area or use the spot beam for a long-distance focused beam.

Stay in Front of the Dark

Get the industry’s first tail switch with embedded battery status indicator to stop guessing in the dark. Also, with the 5050R’s built-in USB (Output) and Micro USB (Input) ports, you’ll get a full charge for your flashlight or emergency back-up power for smartphones and other electronics. Reload the 5000, 5010, and 5020 flashlights with fresh alkaline batteries to see the job through.

Thumb Through Decaf to Extra Caffeinated LED Power

Low, medium, high, flashing or boost mode options let you switch to the best light intensity, from low lumens that are easy on the eyes when up close, to super-bright intensity for reaching way out in the dark. And with the type II hard-anodized finish, the 5 Series flashlights are as tough as they look.

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