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Comparing Weatherproof Protective Rolling Cases: Apache 5800 Vs Pelican 1510

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an outdoors enthusiast, finding the perfect protective rolling case can be a tough challenge. Two popular protective cases for traveling are the Pelican 1510 and budget-friendly alternative Apache 5800.

In this blog post we will delve into the details of each case's specifications, providing an overview of customer reviews and giving you a head-to-head comparison to help you make an informed decision.

So stick around; your guide to choosing between the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 starts here!

Key Takeaways

  • The Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases have different dimensions, latch designs, warranties, and price points.
  • Customers have provided positive feedback for both cases, highlighting their durability and performance in tough conditions.
  • Both cases offer weatherproof protection, a hard protective shell, rolling capability, secure latch design, and customizable interiors.
  • The Pelican case has additional features like options for organizing items and meeting airline carry - on size requirements.

Specifications of Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 Cases

The Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases have different dimensions, latch designs, warranties, and price points.


Apache 5800


Apache 5800


The Apache 5800 case has a large interior size of 20-1/4" x 11-3/8" x 5-11/16". The total interior volume of this case is 0.75 ft³.

Pelican 1510 Protector Case

1510 Pelican™ Protector Carry-On Case

The Pelican 1510 case has similar interior dimensions of 19.75" x 11.00" x 7.60" and exterior dimensions of 22.00" x 13.81" x 9.00". The total interior volume of the Pelican 1510 is a generous 0.96 ft³. Always double-check with your particular airline for their up-to-date baggage allowances.

Latch design

The Pelican 1510 case comes with easy open double throw latches. The double throw latches focuses on durability and ease of use.

On the other hand, the Apache 5800 case has a different style of latch. It does not use a two-step process. Many people find that this type is harder to work with than the one on the Pelican 1510.

The latch design plays an important role in how user-friendly and secure each hard protective case is.


Both the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases include a warranty.

The Pelican 1510 comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. More information on Pelican's warranty can be found of their Guarantee of Excellence page.

The Apache 5800 case is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase (limitations apply).  


The price of the Apache 5800 case is much lower compared to the Pelican 1510 case. The Apache 5800 case costs only $99.99 at Harbor Freight and Amazon, while the Pelican 1510 case is priced at $229.95.

So if you're looking for a more affordable option, the Apache 5800 could be a good choice for you!

Customer Reviews of Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 Cases

Customers have had positive and negative experiences with both the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases. Find out what they liked and disliked about these weatherproof protective rolling cases.

Positive feedback

Customers who have used both the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases have provided positive feedback. They highly recommend these weatherproof cases for their excellent performance and durability.

Many customers describe the Apache 5800 case as nearly indestructible and waterproof, with the price point being a major positive. The Pelican 1510 case consistently receives praise for its ruggedness, dependability, and warranty.

Customers appreciate that both cases can withstand tough conditions while keeping their belongings safe. Overall, the positive feedback from users highlights the quality and functionality of these weatherproof protective rolling cases.

Negative feedback

Some customers have mentioned disappointment in the handle construction, with mentions of the handle breaking on Harbor Freight's reviews. There are also mentions of screws not being securely in place. However, no other relevant negative feedback has been found about either the Apache 5800 or Pelican 1510 cases.

Comparison of Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 Cases

Let's compare the specifications, customer reviews, and key differences between the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to find out which case is best suited for your needs. 

 Case Name Apache 5800 Pelican 1510 Protector Case
Travel Features Travel Wheels; Extendable Handle  Polyurethane wheels w/ stainless steel bearings; over-molded rubber handles; retractable extension handle
Waterproof IP65 Rated-watertight Watertight
Protects Against Dustproof Crushproof and dustproof; Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out
Padding Options Pick-and-pull foam insert Empty; Foam; LOC; LFC; Trek Pak; or Trek Pak/Foam
Capacity 0.75 ft³ 0.96 ft³
Product Weight 15.39 lb. 13.60 lbs w/ foam; 11.99 lbs w/o foam
Warranty Period  Guarantee to be free from defects in materials &  workmanship 90 days from date of purchase Limited Lifetime Warranty
Price $99.99 $229.95


In conclusion, both the Apache 5800 and Pelican 1510 cases offer weatherproof protection for your belongings. The Apache case is more affordable but lacks some of the refinements found in the Pelican case, such as Pelican's two-step latch design that provides added security and it's limited lifetime warranty,

However, it is still a reliable option with its claimed weatherproof, watertight, dustproof, and crushproof features. If you prefer a more well-known brand, the Pelican 1510 may be worth considering.