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Pelican 9460 RALS: The Right Choice for Every Commercial Need

Pelican Products, Inc. is no stranger to protective hard cases and lighting solutions. So it is no surprise that the 9460 Remote Area Light System combines two products that Pelican specializes in to create a solution for portable lighting. The 9460 RALS is useful in numerous situations, from construction applications to emergency lighting to carnivals & fairs and more.
Remote Area Lighting Systems from Pelican are the complete lighting solution for first responders, industrial and aerospace applications. With multiple heads and Bluetooth activation (select models), RALS can light up an accident scene or a soccer field.

Versatility at Every Turn

The 9460 Remote Area Light System is designed to be as versatile as possible. It starts with the rechargeable batteries that run the 9460 RALS. These powerful batteries can keep the 9460 RALS running for anywhere between three and twenty-four hours, depending on the light output. Not needing a power source also means not needing a generator in locations that don’t have one. No generator means quiet operation and no exhaust fumes. Of course, if the site does have a power source, it is no problem to run the 9460 RALS continuously by plugging it in.
Then you have the nearly indestructible 1510 Protector Case that houses the 9460 RALS. The lights, masts, and cables all pack up quickly and securely within the case, which also houses the battery. This modified case is tough enough to stand up to years of use in the toughest circumstances. After thorough testing the 9460 RALS has been given an IP54 rating, which shows the case is both dust and water resistant. A little bad weather won’t put a stop to using this light. And of course the built-in wheels and extendable handle make the 9460 Remote Area Light System easily portable.
Dust Protected. Limited ingress of dust permitted. Will not interfere with operations of the equipment. Two to eight hours.  Protect against water splashed from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.
There are two lights that come with the 9460 Remote Area Light System, each capable of producing up to 6000 lumens. These lights can be aimed in nearly any direction thanks to their ability to pivot 180° and swivel 360°. The lights rest atop two telescopic masts that can extend to almost six feet. Additionally, there are two sets of brackets that these masts can be anchored in depending on the needs of the job. For more stability, set the case on its back and use the lie flat brackets. For more height, leave the case upright and use the stand up brackets.
The output of light can be determined based on the needs of the job. And control of that output is through the control panel on the 9460 RALS. Users can select the level of lighting they need (high, medium, or low) or the length of time they need light to control the output. Users can also easily monitor battery levels thanks to the full time battery indicator that flashes when the power level is low. Of course, if the control panel doesn’t offer enough control for the 9460 RALS, the light can also be controlled by an app that connects through Bluetooth and allows full customization of light output from 0–100%.
Pelican included a number of final touches to make the 9460 Remote Area Light System exceptionally useful. It features a 12V power port on the side and comes with a dual USB adapter to make charging your devices as convenient as possible. Pelican also backs the 9460 RALS with a one-year warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, service, and maintenance.