Pelican 2620 HeadsUp Lite Headlamp


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On the job, on the trail, or around the house, the Pelican 2620 HeadsUp Lite Headlamp delivers hands-free illumination when and where you need it. Its hybrid design employs a xenon bulb for the 26-lumen high-power setting and energy-saving LEDs for low power, with runtimes of 2.3 hours on high and 18 hours on low on a fresh set of three AAA batteries. The lamp tilts for optimal beam positioning. Made of durable ABS plastic with a polycarbonate lens, the water-resistant lamp is IPX4-rated, able to withstand splashing with no damage. The HeadsUp Lite comes with an adjustable fabric strap for general use, as well as a hard-hat-hugging rubber strap for use on the job site.


  • A hybrid LED/Xenon hands-free flashlight
  • The 2620 gives you the option of using the Xenon lamp for intense bright light or 3 LEDs to conserve battery life
  • The multi-angle pivoting head allows you to aim light where you need it
  • A rubber strap for hard hat use and an adjustable cloth strap for bare head use are both included
  • The HeadsUp Lite 2620 is perfect for hiking, camping, or for any task that require both hands
  • Powered by 3 AAA alkaline cells (included)
  • Minimum Pack 1 ea.
  • Packaged Weight: 8.3 oz.


14/26 Lumens
LED/Xenon Bulb Hybrid
Runtime: 2.3 Hours High, 18 Hours Low
Push-Button Switch on Side of Lamp
IPX4-Rated Water Resistant
Cloth & Rubber Head Straps
ABS Housing, Polycarbonate Lens
Three AAA Batteries
Lightweight at 4.8 Ounces
UL Class 1, Division 1 Certified


Body Material: ABS
O-Ring Material:  Ethylene propylene 
Lens Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Shroud Material: ABS
Contact Spring Retainer Material: Stainless steel/brass nickel 

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