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Big Girtha Desktop Tungsten Cube (6" x 6")

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This is Big Girtha: an incredibly dense 6-inch Tungsten cube. It's the biggest tungsten cube we make. This cube has 90-degree edges, which maintain a gorgeous, modern look. This cube is actually hard to pick up. Be ready for it.

Specifications of this Tungsten Cube:

  • Dimensions: 6” x 6”
  • Weight: 142.5lbs  /  2280oz
  • Makeup: 95% W / 5% NiFe

Edge Profile:

  • Clean: Rounded
  • Imperfect: 90° pointed

What's Included:

Every mind-bending dense tungsten cube is shipped with a unique, identifiable authenticity card. 6” tungsten cubes are packaged inside of a black military-grade SKB iSeries injection molded, crushproof, dustproof, & waterproof case. Inside the case, you will find the tungsten cube safely secured by custom-cut, high-density foam.

What weighs about the same as this 6" Tungsten Cube?

  • An eastern grey kangaroo
  • 2 adult dalmatians 
  • A beer keg with 75% of the beer left
  • 393 Guadeloupean bananas
  • 755,000 bees