Custom Drinkware


Personalize a Pelican™ Bottle or Tumbler

If you want a unique & high-quality product that will last a lifetime, then you know Pelican is the brand for you. Add your logo to your favorite powder coat drinkware with the laser engraved method or a stamped no peeling technique to a silver tumbler and create your customized Pelican product today! (Drinkware is a minimum of 10. See details below.) 

Co-brand with Pelican™

When you place your own logo on Pelican products, you're leaving a lasting impact. You're telling your customers and clients that quality & performance come first. The Pelican reputation lets your customers know you value them and want them to have the best experience possible. (See restrictions below) 

Gifts with Pelican™

When you choose to partner with Pelican by gifting our products with your logo, you're making a statement that will leave a lasting impression with the highest quality & performance standards on the market. Celebrate your team with an imprinted Pelican product today! (See restrictions below) 


Drinkware Details

  • There is a minimum of 10 custom drinkware pieces 
  • Production and shipping time takes about 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of art approval.
  • Rush orders are available upon request. 
  • One color is allowed for the design on all Silver Tumblers.
  • For powdered coat drinkware, only engraved designs are allowed. This process removes the powder coating and reveals your design as the silver cup. 
  • The price per drinkware varies on the complexity of the design. It will range anywhere from $15 - $75 extra per drinkware.
  • Your design may be on the front (where the Pelican logo is) and/or the back, as well as wrapping around the drinkware. 
  • You must agree to own the custom image, or the use of this image does not violate anyone else’s rights, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy or other rights.