3415 Pelican™ Right Angle Light


The 3415 is the ultimate safety-certified compact work light. Class I, II, and IIIDivision 1 safety certifications provide the security needed for most hazardous locations. The 3415 is equipped with a flood LED for close-up as well as a spot LED for distance, so you can have wide area of light in the immediate work area and still penetrate darkness hundreds of yards away. It can be activated to run one or both LEDs with 3 levels of brightness. The articulating head and built-in clip allows the light to be directed wherever it is needed.

The Pelican 3415: a professional grade multi-task lighting tool that will help you get the job doneunder any circumstances.


  • 2 modes: spot, flashing
  • Articulating Light Head
  • Attached clip
  • Class I, Class II, Class III–Division 1 Safety Certified
  • Security Lanyard
  • Split ring installed


Light Output (spot-flood/flood/spot): 336/177/186 lm
Run Time (spot-flood/flood/spot): 6/15/14 hr
Beam Distance (spot-flood/flood/spot): 133/37/135 m
Peak Beam Intensity (spot-flood/flood/spot): 4418/336/4544 cd
Ingress Penetration Rating: IPX8
Length: 7.44"
Weight With Batteries: 9.0 oz
Weight Without Batteries: 6.6 oz
Switch Type: Push Button
Light Modes: Spot-Flood/Flood/Spot
Battery Size: AA
Battery Type: Alkaline
Battery Quantity: 3
Volts: 4.5 V
Lamp Type: LED
Lamp Secondary Type: LED


Body Material: ABS
O-Ring Material: NBR
Lens Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Shroud Material: ABS
Clip Material: ABS
Contact Spring Retainer Material: Stainless Steel / Phosphore Bronze / Brass Nickel Plate
Launch date: Sep 20, 2017

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