2490 Pelican™ Specialty Light


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With its screw-on traffic wand, Pelican's new 2490 LED makes flight deck FOD (foreign object damage) a thing of the past. Powered by 4AA batteries, the 2490 LED's produces 64 lumens of clean bright light to ensure maximum communication visibility. And, with a run time of 12 hours, the 2490 LED will outlast a full work shift, including over-time. At the bottom of a cargo hold or up on the flight deck, the light weight polymer body is corrosion proof, resistant to extreme temperatures, and is weather resistant using an O-Ring sealed shroud and wand.

A traffic wand that will last 12 hours... Let's hope it's not all in one shift.


  • Neutral Traffic Wand
  • 4 Color Filters (blue, yellow, red, green)
  • FOD-proof screw on wand


Light Output (high): 64 lm
Run Time (high): 12 hr
Beam Distance (high): 118 m
Peak Beam Intensity (high): 3459 cd
Ingress Penetration Rating: IPX7
Length: 12.50"
Weight: 8.2 oz
Weight Without Batteries: 4.9 oz
Switch Type: One-handed Safety Switch
Light Modes: On/Off
Battery Size: AA
Battery Type: Alkaline
Battery Quantity: 4
Volts: 4 v
Lamp Type: LED


Body Material: EXL
O-Ring Material: Ethylene Propylene
Lens Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Shroud Material: ABS
Contact Spring Retainer Material: Stainless Steel / Phosphore Bronze
Submersible: Yes

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