Pelican™ Peacemaker Padlock


  • Two keys per padlock
  • Guaranteed for life 
  • Black zinc plated body with double black UV resistant polypropylene bumpers has reduced visual signature compliant with enhanced low profile security operation needs.
  • 44mm (1 3/4) wide Solidbody Tek interlocked and riveted steel plate construction for strongest padlock assembly.
  • Chamfered rivet holes prohibit lock fracture by chiseling the rivet heads off.
  • Dual hardened stainless steel ball bearing locking mechanism resists almost 5,000 pounds prying.  Cannot be shimmed or bypassed by Peterson Bypass tools or any other brand.
  • Anti-bump and pick technology COMMANDO 5 pin cylinder with security pins is standard.
  • Captive key design promotes security responsibility.  Opened lock cannot be closed without key.  Key can only be removed when lock is open at 180 degrees or when it is closed.
  • Non reflective boron alloy 8mm (5/16″) diameter shackle (ASTM 5)
  • Standard Shackle clearance 1 1/8″
  • Exceeds US Military standards for CID AA59486B laminated padlocks.
  • Over 12,000 unique key combinations maximize security.
  • Matching key number stamped on bottom of each lock for easy identification (does not correspond to key bitting of cylinder)

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