Meet the Beam Team: Marketing & Customer Support Team

December 14, 2020

Meet the Beam Team: Marketing & Customer Support Team

If you’re checking an email from Beam, reading a blog post (like this one!), or following Beam on social media, then you’re already familiar with the work of the marketing & customer support team at Beam Distributing. Of course, this same team is also responsible for Pelican Coolers/,, and the Pelican Coolers dealer network. That’s a lot of content to manage!

It all starts with the vision of brand manager Sarah Baker. Fortunately, creating this vision is something she enjoys, explaining “I love mapping out a plan for a campaign and creating the visuals for each and every asset needed; from social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, websites, etc.” From there the whole team pitches in to bring the content to life, whether writing up copy or managing the posts once they’ve gone live. For Ben Orth, account manager and copywriter, going through this process at a small business “gives you a real sense of ownership of the work. You’re touching it at every step: writing the copy, copy editing the content before it goes out, engaging with customers and responding to their feedback.” 

Of course, the relationships that develop between those working at a small business are just as important as the relationships with customers. Working for a small business is easy for community manager Kaley Edwards thanks to “our tight-knit work place. We all work together really well and it makes everything run smoothly around the office.” Caroline Trapp, an account manager who also works in the warehouse, enjoys working closely with the folks at Beam, saying, “I love the family feel you get when you come into work.” This is a sentiment that is closely echoed by Sarah, who says, “I do feel that we are a part of the Beam family. Jackie and Thomas work hard to unify us as one family or team.”

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